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Sunshine Jiayuan Licang Home Care Center
Sunshine Jiayuan Licang Home Care Center

Sunshine Jiayuan Licang Home Care Center is located in the famous tourist resort city Qingdao where enjoys admirable climate. This Home Care Center exactly sits in Xinghua Road, Licang District, closely neighbors to the beautiful Cangkou Park and Yongxing Park, 500 meters away from the Third People’s Hospital of Qingdao, 2 kilometers ways from the new passenger depot of Qingdao and abuts Jiaozhou Bay Bridge. In conclusion, it enjoys pleasant and habitable environment and convenient location.
Licang Home Care Center covers a floorage of 5000 square meters, owns 220 beds and consists of northern and southern parts. Its northern part possesses 100 beds, mainly engages in community, home-based senior service and lifelong home-based senior service, and officially operates in 2008. The southern part owns 120 beds, by integrating medical care with eldercare, it provides nursing service to the elderly with disability, advanced age and chronic disease. Initially opened up in 2009, it has been upgraded in operation after having been redecorated and absorbed advanced health care ideas in 2019.


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ADD.: No. 31(North Area) and No.38(South Area), Xinghua Road, Licang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province
TEL: 0532-84617623、84658286
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