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Group Introduction

Sunshine Mansion Elderly-care Group Inc. was established in 2000. The group is a corporate chain devoted to the provision of professional services focusing on “overall elderly-care solution”, and its services include the operation of chained elderly-care organisations, training for the industry, professional consulting services and elderly-care medical services.

Sunshine Mansion is committed to accomplishing the mission of “making concerted effort to show respect and solicitude for every single senior citizens in the world” and fulfilling the prospective of “becoming the most prestigious elderly-care business in China”. The quality of its services can be improved through employing the standardised system, whereby high-quality everyday aged-care services can be provided for senior citizens.

With the development over the past 20 years, more than 20 chains of the group have been founded. More than 5200 beds in total are available. The group has covered the area of 50 percents of the cities in Shandong Province, and has therefore become one of the forerunners in the market of elderly-care services in Shandong and one of the leading brands in the field of government-constructed privately-operated businesses.

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