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Sunshine Jiayuan Shanhaitian Home Care Center
Sunshine Jiayuan Shanhaitian Home Care Center

Sunshine Jiayuan Shanhaitian Home Care Center in Rizhao City (Shanhaitian Resort Area Social Welfare Center) in located by the only unpolluted gold coast in China called Shanhaitian Resort Area in Rizhao City, this resort are is greatly famous for its blue sky, sapphire sea and gold beach, what’s more, it has won UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award for its outstanding living and ecological environment.
Social Development Bureau of Shanhaitian Resort Area has invested 15 million yuan into building a comprehensive social welfare organization, and entrusted Sunshine Jiayuan Group to operate and manage this project. The project has planned a floor space of 217333 square meters, the floorage of its first phase is 4940 square meters and 128 beds, in 2018, it officially operates and provides multiple services as the combination of health care and elder care, professional nursing of disabled and dementia elderly, rehabilitation and recuperation, resort and talents training.
Based on its unique geographical location and resources advantages, Sunshine Jiayuan has created this resort area as a professional senior service provider, smart eldercare benchmarking organization and exemplary base for sojourn eldercare in Shandong, so as to make it as a representative of eldercare in Rizhao.





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ADD.: Liangshi Road, Liangcheng Street, Shanhaitian Resort Area, Rizhao City, Shandong Province
TEL: 0633-7697309
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