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Sunshine Jiayuan Linshu Home Care Center
Sunshine Jiayuan Linshu Home Care Center

Sunshine Jiayuan Linshu Home Care Center (Linshu social welfare service center in Linyi City, Shandong Province) lies in Linshu County, Linyi City which is famous as Yimeng Mountain revolutionary base area. The welfare organization is constructed by Yishu County government with an investment of 30 million yuan and managed by Sunshine Jiayuan Group under the governmental trust. This project covers a floor space of 20666 square meters and a floorage of 16000 square meters, possesses over 400 beds and officially operates since 2016.

The center is engaged in a comprehensive range of services like supporting five- guaranteed people (namely providing supports in food, clothing, medical service, accommodation and funeral), poverty-stricken people and social eldercare and so on. On the one hand, by learning the advantages of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) from Linshu County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the center is specialized in healthy TCM eldercare with the combination of medical care and eldercare, and integrates TCM diagnosis and treatment, TCM prevention of disease, TCM life cultivation and health preservation, TCM rehabilitation therapy into the whole process of healthy eldercare, so as to create a service mode of eldercare + TCM medical care and eldercare. On the other hand, by operating Linshu 12349 home-based eldercare information platform under trust, the center has constructed a virtual open Home Care Center and created a service mode of eldercare + internet. Through a multiple-level and comprehensive service network, the large-scale pattern of smart eldercare has been formed.




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