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Sunshine Jiayuan Xinglong Home Care Center
Sunshine Jiayuan Xinglong Home Care Center

Sunshine Jiayuan Xinglong Home Care Center in Dezhou (Xinglong Welfare Center in Dezhou) sits by the side of Tuma Branch of the Thousand-Year-Old Riverway, Xinglong Town, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, which is a welfare organization invested by Xinglong government with 9 million yuan and operated and managed by Sunshine Jiayun under the trust of its government. This project covers a floor space of 4193 square meters and a floorage of 4100 square meters, possesses 100 beds and officially operated since 2018.    
The official service of Xinglong Home Care Center symbolizes the formation of Sunshine Jiayuan senior service system in counties and towns.    
On June 1st, 2018, Huang Shuxian, the then minister of Ministry of Civil Affairs and secretary of its Leading Party Members' group investigated Xinglong Home Care Center. Being the first rural Home Care Center investigated by minister of national Ministry of Civil Affairs in Shandong province, Sunshine Jiayuan’s county-town senior service system is fully approved and appreciated by governmental leaders at all levels. In August, 2019, as the successful case of public-private organization, Xinglong Home Care Center and Linyi Home Care Center undertook the task of observing and emulating in the 24th Shandong Civil Affairs Working Conference.




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